Corporate Services

Sherlock & Co. is a brand new team building experience located in Sioux Falls, SD.  The goal is clear: your team has 60 minutes to "escape" from one of our real life puzzle rooms.  Hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and answer riddles to lead your team to freedom!  Find out if your team has what it takes to escape!

Corporate Team Building

Tired of potlucks and picnics? Sherlock & Co. is the perfect place for a team to work together and achieve one goal: Success. Communication is key to finding solutions, and the challenging experience of a puzzle room will help your team build a rapport and boost morale.  After entering a room that will accommodate up to 8 people, the door is "locked" behind you and the clock starts. You have 60 minutes to work together and solve the puzzles, leading the team to escape. This is an exciting, immersive entertainment experience requiring a variety of skills, accomplished only with cohesive team effort. 

analyze team performance

Each of our rooms is monitored via audio and video. This enables us to view and record team interaction. Our staff is then able to watch, interpret and evaluate the group dynamic. Ultimately this will help you and your team enhance future performance in the work place.

a new way to hire

Your company can benefit from sending potential employees to Sherlock & Co. In our rooms candidates will be challenged to work with others, think outside (and inside) the box and handle deadlines. Don't trust the success of your company to just a cover letter and a resume- send them to us and see how they handle pressure!

corporate pricing

$50 per person. Pricing includes the following:

-Personality assessment for each participating member (completed online prior to arrival)

-Pre-activity briefing


-Full event debriefing and explanation of personality assessment


Approximately a week after your event, you will receive a packet containing the following:

-Audio file containing the debriefing talk-back

-Social style assessment results which will include a breakdown of each team member's performance related to the assessment

-Written analysis of the team's performance during the puzzle room experience



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