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same old.

Exciting, adventurous, interactive puzzle rooms!

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What is Sherlock and Company?

Sherlock and Company specializes in live-action puzzle rooms (also known as "escape rooms").  The name of the game is simple... or is it...?!

You and up to 7 of your friends (or strangers if you're feeling adventurous!) enter a themed room and have 60 minutes to "escape."
  (Don't worry, you're never locked inside!)


Hunt for clues, solve puzzles, and answer riddles to complete the challenge and beat the clock.


Complete the challenge and exit the room before the 60 minutes is up and you win!  What do you win?  You win our eternal admiration and a spot on our Wall of Fame!


The Rooms


Mystery of the Pharaoh's Tomb

An incredible discovery in Egypt!

Locals have discovered a hidden tomb, presumably the resting place of a long-forgotten Pharaoh!  Rumors of this mysterious Pharaoh and an ancient curse have been circulating in the media like wildfire.  You assemble a team of archaeologists to join you on your mission to reach the inner tomb and discover the identity of this long-forgotten ruler.

Many other teams have already ventured into the pyramid, but none have returned.  Their mysterious disappearances seem to support the rumor that the Pharaoh had his burial chamber cursed!

You must get into the inner tomb, identify this mysterious Pharaoh, and escape within 60 minutes or else you too may fall victim to the Pharaoh's curse!

Treasure on the sS Copperpot

Everyone knew that billionaire Turner Roberts was a bit... eccentric. Crazy, even. 

So when Roberts announced to the world that he had located the long-lost ship of the legendary pirate Captain Jack Barrowman, nobody really believed him. But then he contacted you and your team and made you an offer you couldn't refuse.

The challenge was simple: crack the pirate Barrowman's "impossible" puzzles and find the location of his treasure, and you get a cut of the profits.

One problem, though: Captain Jack Barrowman was very protective of his treasure, and rumor has it that his spirit still haunts the ship you and your team now stand in. 

You have 60 minutes. Can you solve the Pirate's Puzzles?

We're more than just puzzles.

On the First Tuesday of every month, Sherlock and Company donates a portion of our proceeds to a Sioux Falls non-profit. We are honored and humbled to give back to our great community!  Nominate your favorite non-profitand learn more about First Tuesday by clicking here.

Sherlock and Company specializes in corporate services. From providing team building exercises to giving management an opportunity to evaluate employees, we provide a lot of added value (and fun!) for our corporate clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much does it cost?

The price is $25.00 per person. We give special discounts to veterans to show our appreciation for their service. Please call Elizabeth at 679-7916 for more information.

+ How many people can play at one time?

Each room holds 2-8 people. We currently have two rooms.

+ Will I be playing the game with strangers?

Unless you find 7 other fun-loving friends to come play along with you then yes, there is a possibility you will be playing the game with people you may not know. Don't worry, though, you'll go in as strangers but leave as friends!

+ Will I be locked in?

No! At Sherlock and Co. we know that the idea of being "locked in" is nerve-wracking for some, which is why our doors are never locked. We want all of our guests to be comfortable. You are free to leave the game at anytime and re-enter as needed.

+ Is it scary?

Not at all. Our rooms will get your heart pounding as you work against the clock, but it won't be scary.

+ What do I need to bring?

Nothing but your wits! No special items are needed. We do have a safe place to lock up your belongings while you are playing the game.

+ Can you do something special for celebrations like birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, etc.?

Yes, and we love to make memorable events for you or your special guest! We can arrange to have a special message for the person put into one of the clues. All you need to do is write a note in the comments section of your reservation and we will take care of the rest! Have a physical object (sparkly ring, perhaps?) you want incorporated into the room? Call Elizabeth at 679-7916 to arrange the details!

+ How long does it take?

Plan on being with us for 1 1/2 hours. Arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled time to allow for a quick explanation of how the game works and the rules. You will be in the room for 60 minutes. After the game is finished we will have a quick debriefing and then a team photo to let the world know if you won or lost!

+ What ages can play?

Due to the difficult nature of the puzzles featured in our rooms, tickets are only available for people ages 12 & older. Those 16 & under must have a guardian present.

+ What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If you have something come up and are unable to attend at your scheduled time, please contact us 48 hours in advance. After the 48 hour mark there are no cancellations. Ensure that you arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your scheduled time. All games will start at the scheduled time. If you arrive late, no refund will be given and you will not be allowed into the room.







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FRIDAY: 5:00PM - 10:00PM

SATURDAY: 12:00PM - 10:00PM

SUNDAY: 12:00PM - 5:00PM